Britney Spears and Mel Gibson in Costa Rica

mel.jpgBritney Spears was the last person I expected to see in my local, closet sized, grocery store this morning in Costa Rica. Ok, I didn’t see her per say, but she was on the cover of the local newspaper. In fact, she was on the front page two days in a row. More random than that is the fact she out shines her travel mate, Mel Gibson.

My favorite random news website, What Would Tyler Durden Do, said it best when he said:

“Mel Gibson and Britney Spears took a private plane out of LA this morning to spend two days together in Costa Rica.

You could just mash your forehead into the keyboard and never come up with a more random sentence than that…..




…What are the odds Britney even knows they’re leaving LA. Everything in LA sounds something like “Costa” or “Rica” and 90 percent of the signs are written in Spanish anyway. She probably thinks they’re in Reseda. And that “Costa Rica” is a restaurant. Home of the 5 Pound Burrito!”

According to news sources, Britney and Mel are old friends from back in the day when they lived in the same community. Apparently Mel is taking Britney and her family for a vacation at his house in Costa Rica.