Caribe Movie Review

A while back when I was visiting Puerto Viejo years ago, they were filming a movie here. The movie was filmed in a number of famous spots in the city and its surrounding areas. They used a lot of locals for extras and as some of the smaller roles to keep the movie as authentic as possible. I never really thought much about the movie again until I moved here and a friend had a copy of the movie.

Since the movie was filmed where I am currently living, I thought it would be cool to watch,. if for no other reason than to spot people and places I knew in the film.

That is pretty much the only reason to watch this movie.

I am no film critic, nor do I pretend to be one, but this movie is just bad. Take your typical Spanish soap opera and add some HBO style porn to it, its that’s a pretty good description of the movie.

the movie is littered with pointless scenes, both sexual and non sexual. The sound track repeats its self numerous time during the course of the movie. I could go on and on about how dumb this movie is, but I’ll leave it be.




The movie is very loosely based on the event of oil companies exploring the Caribbean coast for oil. Somehow the movie builds a story around this that involves a popular banana plantation owner who has an affair with his wife’s long lost sister.

Sounds like a soap opera to me!

If you have been to Puerto Viejo before, the movie is worth watching if only for the above mentioned reason; to do some site seeing. Don’t expect much more than that to hold your interest.

For more information, check out the movie IMDB page.