February in Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica in February is a great time to visit if you don’t mind dealing with the crowds. The winter months for the Northern hemisphere are often the busiest in Costa Rica. People from the colder areas of the world are escaping to Costa Rica for a warm weather Christmas. Aside from the crowds, the only downfall to visiting Costa Rica in February is that you will be paying high season prices for everything from hotels to tours. But, that’s to be expected when traveling during high season. On the flip side, there is a reason that this is a popular time to visit Costa Rica, it is the dry season so you don’t have to worry to much about full days of intense jungle rain.

February Events in Costa Rica

While there are a lot of tourists making there way to Costa Rica in February, there is little going on in the way of national events. In fact, there is really only one worth mentioning.

Puntarenas Carnival – During the last week of February, the fishing town of Puntarenas turns into a colorful and loud carnival of sorts. Some festivals in Costa Rica bee cool to visit, but I wouldn’t recommend this one. There isn’t really much to see or do here aside from the carnival. When the carnival is in full swing there will be tons of Ticos in the area and crime is sure to jump way up, especially for tourists.

February Weather in Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is very mild this time of year, which is why this is such a popular month to visit.




San Jose
Highs of 75ºF Lows of 59ºF Average Rainfall: 0.24 inches Humidity: 80%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 87ºF Lows of 69ºF Average Rainfall: 1.4 inches Humidity: 81%

Limón (Caribbean)
Highs of 88ºF Lows of 68ºF Average Rainfall: 8.3 inches Humidity: 87%


Getting to Costa Rica

If you waited to the last might to get your plane ticket, you probably won’t have any luck finding a cheap flight to Costa Rica. Because this is the high season, last minute tickets are sure to be some of the most expensive. Your best bet is to try and make your reservations in advice. However, you may be able to find some last minute deals directly on the airlines website. Do yourself a favor and check the airlines sites before you buy a ticket via a major ticketing website.

Where to Stay

Hotels in Costa Rica are going to be a good 20% or more expensive this time of year. They will also be a lot more busy. You will want to call and make reservations when you can. This is especially true when visiting smaller areas that are popular tourist destinations.