Internet Access

Costa Rica internet access is getting better by the day. Many locations in and around San Jose now have high speed internet access. More and more hotels are also starting to offer wireless availability. For the most part though, Costa Rica internet access is limited to dial up access.

If you are planning on using your own computer make sure to bring power cords, phone cable, and Ethernet cable. Many business class hotels can supply you with these, but don’t count on it. Many hostels, hotels, and libraries offer a Costa Rica internet access in some sort computer lab.

Cybercafes are your best bet for Costa Rica internet access. There are many all over the country. As long as the town you are in has telephone access, you are likely to find some sort of Costa Rica internet access.

To find a list of cybercafés offering Costa Rica internet access check out The list here is very small, so don’t be put off by it. There are plenty more cyber cafes in Costa Rica than on that list.

What to Expect




For those of us used to streaming audio and super fast page loads, Costa Rica internet access will be an abrupt reminder of the good old days. Page loads can be slow and uploading pictures to the internet even slower. You’ll be lucky to get 56k.

Most of the computer labs that offer Costa Rica internet access will be anywhere from 1 to 10 computers. So be ready to wait your turn. Many of the hostels have decent amounts of computers and loosely enforce a time limit policy. Empty seats rarely last long so be ready to pounce.

What it Costs

A lot of the hostels and budget hotels offer free Costa Rica internet access as a way to win over travelers. If free Costa Rica internet access isn’t offered at your hostel, odds are its very cheap. Some hostels charge by the hour, while other may charge a flat fee for the duration of your stay.

Cyber cafes and hostels that charge by the hour are usually around 400 colones or $1.

Hotel business centers offering Costa Rica internet access usually charge an outrageous amount. Many of the international airports have ports that charge an even higher per minute fee.