Nature Travel

Nature travel in Costa Rica is one of the most popular things to do next to surfing. Since Costa Rica was one of the first major eco-tourist destinations, there is no shortage of nature travel in Costa Rica. There are entire resorts, hotels, and lodges that cater to nature lovers.

Jungle Tours

One of the most popular forms of nature travel in Costa Rica is the jungle tour. While many think of jungle tours as zip lines and waterfall rappels, there is also something for the less adventurous. There are a number of sky trams and tree top walkways for those of you who don’t feel like zipping through the tree tops. Many resorts also offer jungle tours from the property or can arrange a guided tour for you.





What better way to see the nature of Costa Rica then by camping? Get up close and personal with the Nature of Costa Rica by camping at some of the National Parks or at a nature lodge/hotel. Many nature travel based lodges and hotels usually offer some sort of covered or uncovered camping on their property. Camping at a resort is much safer than camping out on the beach. But don’t be foolish, keep valuables in a safe place. Some of these places may also rent tents if you don’t have your own.