Planning a trip to Costa Rica is no easy task. There are so many factors to consider. Things when to go, whats the weather like, what to pack, and where to go are just some of the questions you have to ask yourself when planning a vacation here. In order to make your planning process a little easier, we have created the ultimate resource page for planning a trip to Costa Rica. Below, you will find all the must have information for the planning the logistics of your trip.

Basic Costa Rica Travel Information

Here you can find some of the basic need to know information about Costa Rica. This includesthings like weather, currency, and traveling.

Airfare to Costa Rica – With international airfare in a constant up and down, finding a well priced ticket can be a chore. Here at WhyGo Costa Rica, we try to keep you up to date with the best ticket prices and where they can be found. Check out this page to help make your trip a reality.

Costa Rica Hotels – With such a nice exchange rate, many people can afford more luxurious hotels than they could if they visited somewhere else. It is easy to find extremely nice hotels across Costa Rica that can fit into any budget. There are even some hotels that backpackers can afford!

Hostels in Costa Rica – If you are a backpacker visiting Costa Rica, you will have no problems finding an affordable hostel to stay. Every major tourist town in the country is filled with them. Check out our hostel reviews to see which ones are worth staying at and which ones should be avoided.

Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica – Many people that come to Costa Rica for months at a time decide it is better to rent a house or villa in Costa Rica. This way they can have their very own house to base their excursions from. There are plenty of houses and villas for rent all across the country. They can range in price from US$250 a month to $2,000 a month.

Costa Rica Accommodation – Aside from the basic types of accommodations, Costa Rica still has plenty more to offer. There are a number of all-inclusive resorts, campgrounds, treehouses, and more. Check out this page to see what else Costa Rica has to offer in the way of accommodations.

Renting a Car in Costa Rica – Renting a car in Costa Rica is a very popular thing to do. Car rentals in Costa Rica don’t work like they do in other countries. Rather than paying for the amount of miles you use, you pay for the number of days you use the car. Its is very easy to find a car to rent for less than US$40 a day.

Travel Insurance – Unfortunately, there is still a fair amount of petty theft and crime that goes on all across Costa Rica. Spending the extra money on some travelers insurance isn’t a bad idea. Check out our advice on buying travelers insurance here.

What to Do in Costa Rica

Everyone comes to Costa Rica for different reason. Some come only to surf and could care less where they stay. Other comes to be pampared and live like a kind in the all inclusive resorts. And then there are those who come for the adventure and want to see and do everything Costa Rica has to offer. No matter what type of traveler you are, Costa Rica has something for you. Here are some of the popular things to do in Costa Rica.




Adventure Travel – This is one of the more popular types of travel in Costa Rica. Many people come here to explore Costa Rica’s jungles and have fun while they do it. For some, this means zip lines, rappelling, rafting, and other adrenaline pumping activities. If this sounds like you, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Fishing in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is popular sport fishing destination. It is easy to find quality charters in all the major sport fishing areas. Many of these charters also offer vacation packages that include everything from lodging to food, and of course fishing.

Jungle Tours – With some of the most amazing rain forests in the world, it would be silly not to explore them. Of course, this isn’t something you would want to do on your own. lucky for you, there are plenty of tour operators who offer a variety of jungle tours. You can hike, take horse, drive ATV, Jeep, or zip line through Costa Rica’s jungles.

Scuba Diving – If you know where to go in Costa Rica you can find some amazing scuba diving spots. There are plenty of day trips out to the popular dive sites, but there are also chratered scuba trips that offer multi-day excursions.

Surfing in Costa Rica – Going to Costa Rica and not surfing would be like Going to Hawaii and not surfing. Surfing in Costa Rica is like what baseball is to the United States. Every coastal town you visit in Costa Rica will have some sort of surfing instruction and board rental. If you are an experienced surfer and have yet to visit Costa Rica, you don’t know what you are missing.

Golfing in Costa Rica
– Golfing might not be the first thing that comes to mind hen you think of Costa Rica, but they do in fact offer some world class golf courses. If you are looking for resorts with some of the countries best golf courses, this is the page for you.

Costa Rica Information

This information includes a lot of the need to know information about visiting Costa Rica. This is the information that will help you plan the logistics of your trip and make sure you aren’t surprised by anything you run into. Make sure you read this information so you know what to expect when visiting Costa Rica.

Basic Costa Rica Travel Information – This page sums up all the basic need to know information. If nothing else, at least give this page a once over.

Weather in Costa Rica – Do you think it rains all the time in Costa Rica? If so, you need to check out this page more than you think. Find out what the weather is really like in Costa Rica year round.

Costa Rica Packing List – Here is a good packing list for backpackers to glace at to see what they should be packing for their trip.

Costa Rica Food – The food in Costa Rica is nothing to special and mimics that of many of its bordering countries. That’s not say the food isn’t good, its just not original. The fruits, juices, coffee and ice cream however are worth tasting.

Costa Rica Women – While Costa Rica isn’t exactly a sex vacation hot spot, there are a handful of hotels and tour operators that cater to this type of vacation. If that’s the sort of thing you are in to, check out this page to see what is out there.

Money Exchange in Costa Rica – This is a must read section for anyone visiting Costa Rica. If you are assuming that there will be ATMs on every corner or that Travelers Check won’t be a problem to use, you need to read this page.

Planning a Honeymoon in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is an extremely popular honeymoon destination. If you are looking for information about the top hotels and destination specifically for honeymooners, then check out this page to start planning your special vacation.

Living in Costa Rica – Thinking about moving to Costa Rica for good? you aren’t the first. There are a huge number of expats from all over the world who call Costa Rica home. Howver, there are some things you need to know if you want to move here.

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