Study Abroad

Studying abroad in Costa Rica can be a great way to see the country, experience the culture, learn the language, and earn college credits all at the same time. Studying abroad in Costa Rica isn’t much different than anywhere else in the world.

The two main universities in San Jose are very high tech and offer many of the facilities and services you would expect in an accredited university. Other than university based study abroad programs, there are many topic specific programs.




There a re plenty of Spanish language programs in Costa Rica. Some of these programs are designed to teach you basic Spanish in a short amount of time. While others are geared toward teaching you, not only he language, but the culture as well. Some of these study abroad language programs set you up with a Costa Rican host family to better teach you Spanish and the countries culture.

Being the eco wonder that is Costa Rica, there are also plenty of study aboard programs that deal with the countries animals, rain forests, and other biological and geological wonders. Spend your summers monitoring volcano activity, learn self sustaining farming techniques, help conserve the rain forests, or any one of the many other study abroad programs in Costa Rica.