Top 5 Canopy Tours Costa Rica

As a tropical nation Costa Rica has an extremely fascinating ecosystem. To be able to study this from a birds eye view is what makes the Canopy Tours so popular in the area. Cranes and Climbing gear combine to create a fascinating adventure for the tourists as they rise above the sky and view the Arenal Volcano or any other area in Costa Rica. There are numerous companies that offer Canopy and Jungle Tours and yet, the experience you have directly correlates to the company you choose.

So to make choosing easier we have gathered together reviews of the Top 5 Canopy Tour Companies in Costa Rica.

The Top 5 Canopy Tour Company’s in Costa Rica:

1. Original Canopy Tour:

The Original Canopy Tour Company was perhaps the first company that started these tours in the region. This company started the tours under the leadership of Darren Hreniuk, a Canadian who wanted to provide this exhilarating experience in order to create an adventure that thrilled and yet, also provided an awareness for the environment. The feature of the tour is climbing inside a tree trunk tens of meters high!

The Original Canopy Tour provides tours in 4 regions:

  • Drake Bay
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Mahogany Park, San Jose
  • Limon

These tours provide adventure and learning creating au unique experience for all the visitors to the region. Lasting between 2-3 hours they have an age limit of 5 years minimum. The tours are safe and the company already has 1 million clients who have soared above the trees and created a lasting memory.

Price for tourists US 45.00 includes entrance fee, and bilingual guide.
Price for students US 35.00 includes entrance fee, and bilingual

Before the tour starts the participant must sign a liability waver as there is no insurance possible.

Original Canopy Tour Contact Information:

You can contact them at:

For information from the United States: 305-433-2241
from Costa Rica: 2291-4465


2. Aventura Canopy Tours – Monteverde, Costa Rica:

The Aventura Canopy Tours guarantees a heart bumping ride to all its participants. Providing experienced guides and a safety guide that will help you through the tough times, the tour is a hit with most people. The best part is insurance is included and dressed in a helmet, safety vest and gloves you’ll be harnessed to the cables while you view the breathtaking valley below. Its not as diverse and educational as the Original Tour but has great potential especially since it caters to small groups.

The rave reviews they get are based on their guides, safety features and their Tarzan swing. Yes you read it right their most intense feature is having a participant climb on a platform secure them to a bungee cord and then off you go, down a hundred feet!
There are only four tours in a day each lasting 2 1/2 hours.

Price for the Tour:
Adults $ 35.00
Students $ 28.00
Children under 12 $ 20.00




Aventura Canopy Tours Tour Contact Information:

You can contact them at:

For information from the United States Hotline:(00506) 645-6062


3. Dream Forest Canopy Tour:

This canopy tour starts inside the jungle and is located a few minutes from the mystical mountains of Manuel Antonio. It has the perk of having 14 platforms that are larger than those owned by other tour companies and only 8 people per cable are allowed. The first platform is 7 meters high with the highest reaching a peak of 45 meters.

There longest cable is 600 meters and the amazing fact is that children 4 years and older are allowed. They have three tours a day going 3 1/2 hours everyday.

Price for the Tour:

Special Internet Price: $65

Dream Forest Canopy Tour Contact Information:

You can contact them at:

For information from Costa Rica:2777-4567


4. Poas Canopy Tour:

With safety rules and regulation according to international standards the tour has 24 platforms and a trail above the canopy forest. A two hour tour it takes participants through the tree tops and then glide down a 1980 feet length cable.

The tour is 2km long with 14 cables, 24 platforms and 12 trails with the last cable of 600m length.

They also have a pretty cool one day tour which includes:

  • Transportation
  • Canopy Tour
  • Meal at the restaurant
  • Add $20 to Poas volcano if desired
  • Pick up is available in your hotel in San José, Heredia o Alajuela.
  • $80 per person (20% off online reservations )

>18 and <60 years of age, and students with valid ID and student card $45

Poas Canopy Tour Contact Information:

You can contact them at:

For information from Costa Rica:(506) 2430-4113 / 2482-1313


5. Pacuare Canopy Adventure Tour

This is one of the highest canopy tours of the region. After the safety orientation the first platform will be reached where the views and scenery are magnificent. The dramatic views the sliding cables and provides the two hours of adventure tours.

One disadvantage of the tour is that it can be booked only as part of a Pacuare Lodge package. However, staying at the lodge means that you can enjoy different adventure packages while still living in one place.

Pacuare Canopy Adventure Tour Contact Information:


For only the canopy tour exclusive of lodging US$40 per person.