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5 Must Haves when Visiting Costa Rica

Everyones packing list for Costa Rica is a little different. While my pack tends to be much lighter than most, there are a few items I consider must haves on any trip. Below is my list of items I always make sure end up in my pack. Find out what some of them are and why I consider them essential.

  1. Spanish English Dictionary
    If you are fluent in Spanish you obviously wont need one of these. But if you are like me and your Spanish involves more sign language than actual Spanish, then you’ll want one of these.
  2. First Aid Kit
    It never hurts to make room for one of these. Save yourself the time and trouble of making your own and just by a premade one. You can always add your stuff to it. I like the Backpackers First Aid Kit made by Natural Footed.
  3. USB Drive with Portable Apps
    A USB loaded with portable apps is a great way to bring your computer without actually bringing it. You can store all your bookmarks, passwords, email program and more on your USB drive with this awesome, free, program.
  4. Rain Cover
    I like to have one of these for my pack and my daypack. They make for great theft deterrents, especially when it public places. I keep my rain cover on at all times. It helps keep your pockets and zippers from being opened while on buses and other public places. A bright rain fly also makes it hard for a thief to just pick up and walk away with your bag.
  5. Columbia Organizer Pouch
    I’m not really a big fan of the hidden money belts. They feel awkward to me, its not easy to access, and I just don’t like wearing them. I find the organizer pouches to be much more versatile. Not only that, but you can easily “hide” them under loose fitting shirts when in public.