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Accommodations in Costa Rica easily reach both ends of the spectrum. On the shoestring budget end you can find yourself a campsite or hammock for less than $5 a night. For those of you who want to live it up, you can find luxury accommodations such as private bungalows, rental villas, and all-inclusive resorts.

As with any tourist destination, the price of accommodations varies depending on the season. Typically Costa Rica’s busy season is December thru March. The slow season, also known as the green season, is April thru November. During the busy season, prices typically rise anywhere between $2 and $10. However, luxury accommodations (ie, resorts) may be much more expensive.


Nearly all hostels you will find in Costa Rica offer a small variety of accommodation options. These options often include:

  • Co-ed Dorms
  • Gender specific dorms
  • Private rooms
  • Camping

A good hostel will always have some sort of locker or secure storage area. Many of these accommodations will charge a deposit for the lock, so make sure you have some cash on hand when checking in. Another key feature in a hostel is a community kitchen. Here you can usually find the basics to cook just about any meal.

Free internet access is becoming more and more popular in hostels these days. Many hostels that offer free internet access will have several computers and a dial up connection. High speed internet is only available in very limited areas. Don’t be surprised if you end up at a hostel that offers internet access and it only has a laptop connected to a cell phone.


Hotels in Costa Rica can be a great way to get luxury accommodations for a very low price. If you spend some time research and shopping around, you’re sure to find some killer deals. It’s easy to find a high class hotel or other luxury accommodation for under $100 a night.

All inclusive accommodations can be just as affordable. Here is what you could expect to get at some of the private all inclusive hotels; airport pick up, 4 nights, waterfall tour, three daily meals. All for only $620, that’s only $155 a day! In order to get such deals at the all inclusive accommodations you may have to book during the slow season. But despite the time of year you visit, you’ll always be able to find a good deal.

Vacation Rentals

If you plan on staying in Costa Rica for an extended period of time and standard accommodations just won’t cut it, maybe you should look into vacation rentals. Rental houses make for a great base camp during your stay in Costa Rica. You can plan day trips from the house or just use it as a secure storage area for longer excursions.

These types of accommodations are also great if you will be traveling with family or large groups. If you split the cost between enough people, it’s easy to get a luxury mansion for next to nothing. Vacation rentals are a big thing in Costa Rica so it’s easy to find one that meets all of your needs and budget.


It is widely known that it is free to camp on the beach in Costa Rica. Yes it’s free, but at a cost. That cost usually ends up being your stuff. If you set up shop on the beach it’s only a matter of time before some, or all, of your stuff disappears. Many of the hotels, parks, and hostels that provide camping will supply you with a place to secure your gear that you don’t want to leave in your tent.

When planning to camp in Costa Rica, keep in mind it rains a lot. So don’t skimp on a tent with a cheap rain fly, otherwise you will be in for a miserable experience. Many camping sites will offer some sort of covered camping options. If that’s the case, be sure to take advantage of it.