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April in Costa Rica

April in Costa Rica is still very much part of the dry season. So much so in fact, that it is one of the dries months for the Caribbean coast. The result of this is very little rain and some really hot days on the coast. April is when I would personally classify the end of the high season. By the end of the month, many of the major crowds are gone in all the amjor tourists areas. Less popular areas are almost deserted with the exception of long term travelers and round the world style travelers.

April Events in Costa Rica

There are a lot of religious celebrations going on all over the country. Don’t be surprised to see small parades or celebration in any sized city in Costa Rica.

Holy Week
The Easter celebration, or Semana Santa, is one of the most celebrated holidays in all of Costa Rica. This holiday celebration usually starts the Sunday before Easter Sunday and last the entire week. Much of the country shuts down from Thursday until Monday in honor of Easter. Parades, festivals, celebrations, and other activities are not uncommon to see all over the country.

Juan Santamaria Day
This is a small holiday that really only effects government offices. This holiday celebrates the countries national hero.

April Weather in Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is very mild across most of the country, with limited rain fall and warm temperatures.

San Jose
Highs of 78ºF Lows of 60ºF Average Rainfall: 1.7 inches Humidity: 79%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 89ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 6.6 inches Humidity: 84%

Highs of 87ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 10.9 inches Humidity: 85%

Getting to Costa Rica

The middle and end of April are when you can really start finding the best deals and cheap airfare to Costa Rica. If you book way in advance you can find some really great deal on the major ticketing sites. Even last minute tickets to Costa Rica will be fairly cheap this time of year.

Where to Stay

Rooms and reservations are starting to slow down now. Most of the hotels, hotels, and resorts in Costa Rica will be back to their off season rates. You will probably be able to get away with visiting major tourist areas and finding a hotel without a reservation. However, on the weekends it may be another story. If you plan on traveling on the weekends, you may still want to call ahead.