Costa Ricas coast line offers a variety of beaches, waves, and breaks. In a miles worth of coast line it is not uncommon to find shallow reef, jungles that crawl onto the beach, wavless sections of water, inlets perfect for surfing, and even the occasional waterfall right into the ocean.

A few of the more popular beaches have lifeguards off and on. I cant say how well trained or certified they are, I just know that sometimes they are there and sometimes there not. Costa Rica beaches are about as safe as any other beach in the world. If you have someone “guarding” your stuff its unlikely that it well go missing. But if you leave anything on the beach unattended, its up for grabs.

Top Costa Rica Beaches



  • Manuel Antonio
  • Santa Rosa National Park
  • Tortguero
  • Punta Uva
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Playa Tamarindo
  • Playa Carrillo
  • Playa Montezuma
  • Playa Cocles

Beach Activities

If you aren’t into sun bathing or surfing, there are still plenty of things to do at the beach in Costa Rica. One of the most popular activities are guided horseback tours. These tours can be found for very cheap and range in length and price. Another popular beach activity is to go crab/lobster hunting at night. While this type of excursion is a little harder to organize, it’s a fun experience if you can find a guide.

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