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Blue Dolphin Catamaran Tour

bluedolphinWhy not enjoy the ‘pura vida’ of Costa Rica while sitting in the lap of luxury? Let the staff at Blue Dolphin Catamaran Tours cater to your every whim as you sail up and down Tamarindo’s pristine beaches. Pretty much any beach in Costa Rica’s is great, but sometimes the beach just seems to have too many tourists. So get away from the crowd on a Blue Dolphin catamaran! What could be better than having the beach all to yourself?

What to Expect

During your Blue Dolphin Catamarans cruise, you will stop at a totally private black sand beach; how cool is that? While you are sailing to the beach, you can lay out and work on your tan, go fishing for barracuda or jacks, or keep and eye out for dolphin and sea turtles, all while you enjoy an endless supply of complimentary drinks. Could you pick a more relaxing, fun way to spend your vacation?

With Blue Dolphin Catamarans, you can book a trip in the afternoon, at sunset, or when there is a full moon. Each four and a half long tour starts out in Playa Tamarindo, and goes miles and miles up the coast before heading back again. When you reach the private beach, you can go kayaking, snorkeling, or just play on the gorgeous black sand beach.

Each tour comes with complimentary use of the kayaks and snorkels, and the friendly crew will tell you the best spots to explore! They will even help you spot marine life. It is common for your guide to hop right in the water with you. Want to see a puffer fish? He will look for one for you and gently catch it so that you can see it!

The guides know the places that animals hang out, and they will help you spot wildlife throughout the tour. It is really common for passengers on the boats to see dolphin, manta rays, sea turtles, and flying fish. And in November, you are highly likely to get to see whales! While you sail, you are close enough to the shoreline that many passengers will also spot troups of monkeys jumping through the jungle tress.

Every Blue Dolphin Catamaran tour also includes appetizers, an open bar with with wine and cocktails, and even a free t-shirt. There are trampoline-like nets at the front of the boat that are great for sunbathing, shaded areas, dining tables, a really nice rest room, and even fresh water showers on board!

Tips for Visiting

If you have young children, you should take the Snorkel Sail trip, which is earlier in the day and the most fun. For a more romantic journey, the Sunset Sail trip offers the combination of a day of fun with a romantic evening watching the sun set. Finally, Blue Dolphin Catamarans also offers unique Full Moon Sail trips a couple of times a month.

If you are planning a trip to Tamarindo and looking into taking a Blue Dolphin Catamaran tour, here are a few tips you should know.
First of all, are you worried about safety as far as tours like these go? Well, you should not worry, because Blue Dolphin Catamarans is a family owned and operated business. Captain Jeff Herrman was in the U.S. Coast Guard and has been sailing for over 20 years. Blue Dolphin’s other captain, Captain Carlos Duran has over 30 years of sailing in Costa Rica.

Second, at $75 per adult and $37.50 per child, you make think that the price of taking a Blue Dolphin Catamaran tour is incredibly high. But you need to factor in all of the free food and drinks, as well as the fact that the tour is so long. This is not your typical crowded, short tourist catamaran trip.