Budget Travel

Budget travel in Costa Rica is as easy to do as it is to say it. Certainly the idea of travel cheaply is what brings many student and budget traveler to Costa Rica. The great thing about Costa Rica is that it is easy to make a vacation here work no matter what your budget is.

If you are on a tight budget when visiting Costa Rica you have no worries. You may not be able to go deep sea fishing or do dozens of jungle tours, but with some work you can have just as much fun. Many destinations in Costa Rica have plenty of exciting activities to do for free or next to nothing.

Things to Do on a Budget




Spending time at hostels are not only an obvious way to stay on budget in Costa Rica, but they are a great way to find cheap and free things to do. By talking to other guests at the hostel you’ll learn about all kinds of cool things to do within your budget. Since hostel staff is used to catering to travelers on a budget, they will be able to recommend fun things around the area that don’t cost much to do.

  • Some travelers bring their own mask and snorkel, why not ask if you can borrow it?
  • Waterfalls are usually a great way to spend the day hiking, swimming, and just hanging out.
  • Renting a bike for a few bucks will let you see surrounding cities for cheap.
  • Get other hostel guests to pitch in money for a cook out. Everyone saves and everyone wins.
  • A bottle of the national liquor, Guaro, is only a few bucks and makes for a bottle of fun.

Make a Budget Work

Make a Budget Work
The most obvious way to make budget travel in Costa Rica work is to stay at hostels. There are usually co-ed and gender based dorms at many hostels. These dorm style rooms are going to be your key to stretching your budget in Costa Rica.

Another way to keep your budget in Costa Rica down, is to make full use of the kitchen facilities at the hostels. Most hostels have a full kitchen that is free to use for guests. Instead of spending all your money on eating out, why not go to the local farmers market, buy some fresh meat and vegitables, and cook your own meals. Odds are you can find another hostel guest to split the cost with you; thus saving you even more money.

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