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Cafe Milagro in Costa Rica

foto_history1As you have probably already heard before, the Latin American country Costa Rica is famous around the world for the exceptional coffee beans that they grow. And yet, when you go to Costa Rica on vacation, no matter where you go, the brews that you get are all really terrible! Although is seems ironic, this strange situation actually makes a lot of sense. Since Costa Rica is a developing country, the very best coffee beans grown there are all exported to other countries. The only beans left for local consumption are the reject beans that were not good enough to be sold elsewhere.

Cafe Milagro was created by a couple of gringos came to Costa Rica to visit in between years of college and never left. The “pura vida,” or pure life, of the country was simply too irresitable. Really, the only thing that the one young gringa missed about the States was her daily cup of coffee. So, she used her student loan money to buy her own coffee roaster and went into business for herself!

About the Cafe

Although you can get Costa Rican coffee at many stores and coffee shops in the United States, by the time you purchase these bags of coffee, they are not that fresh. It takes a substantial amount of time for those beans to be roasted, packaged and then shipped across the globe before they actually get to the store shelves. So if you have had Costa Rican coffee in the States and loved it, then Cafe Milagro will be a once in a lifetime treat! This is the real stuff!

Equipped with their own bean roaster, these gringos have learned the fine art of how to perfectly roast the beans. Most modern day coffee roast producing factories use human-free, digital technology. However, the old and cantankerous roasting machine at Cafe Milagro requires the folks at Cafe Milagro to employ their sight, smell, and taste. They watch the beans carefully every time they roast, ensuring that the beans are always perfectled. They now have years of experience making coffee, and produce amazingly rich, dark roasts. They also make a delicious smooth light roast made from the famous arábica beans from the Tres Ríos region of Costa Rica.

Tips for Visiting

Cafe Milagro does not offer any flavor-infused coffees, and you wouldn’t want them anyways! These pure and unadulterated roasts will make you fall in love with coffee all over again! So be sure to stop by and try Cafe Milagro at the beginning of your trip, because once you taste it, you will surely want to go back again and again while you in Costa Rica. Cafe Milagro is easy to find, it is on the main road in Quepos facing the ocean, near the bridge.

So when you are leaving the country, make sure to grab several extra bags so that you can keep enjoying the delicious Cafe Milagro roasts at home. But the good news is that now, even after you go back home, you can still enjoy the roasts of Cafe Milagro. Just recently, Cafe Milagro has begun shipping their roasts to anywhere in the world. If it has been too long since you have been back to the gorgeous Costa Rican coasts, you can at least have a little bit of the flavor of vacation!

The Cafe roasts the beans the day before they ship them so that they will be as fresh as possible when you recieve them. And, they just lowered their shipping prices! You can now get shipping within the United States for only ten dollars! In order for your coffee to always be really fresh, they recommend only buying enough bags at one time to last you a few weeks. Another thing you can do to keep your coffee fresh is buy whole beans and wait to grind them until just before you are about to brew them. This will give your coffee the best flavor.