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Cafe Rio Negro

Cafe Rio Negro – Puerto Viejo

dutch.jpgIf you are looking for a more relaxed and mellow atmosphere than places like @E’s can provide, you may want peddle on down to Cafe Rio Negro. This Dutch run restaurant and internet cafe is about a 15 minute bike ride from the center of Puerto Viejo. This distance from town is more than most tourist care to walk. Thus, the majority of people you will find in Cafe Rio Negro are local expats from around the world.

Al though I don’t think they try to, Cafe Rio Negro seems to attract an older and more relaxed crowd. So if you don’t feel like rubbing shoulders with college kids on spring break, this might be just the oasis you are looking for. Even on Thursday night, their busy night of the week, you will find mostly 40+ year old locals hanging out and relaxing to the live music that can be found on Thursdays.

The menu here is a nice mix of local dishes as well as Dutch inspired recipes. The best thing on the menu is the sandwiches or anything else that comes with bread. The bread here is homemade and delicious enough to be eaten by its self. Prices here are fairly affordable, even for the backpacker on a budget. A sandwich here will run you about US$3 and a soda will be about US$1.

The internet here is high speed and can be purchased in a variety of ways. They charge by the minute, hour, and month. The reasoning behind these price brackets is simple. The per minute rate is for those who simply need to use the internet to make a quick call via Skype or check for an important email. The hourly rate is for the casual internet surfer, and the monthly rate is for locals or long term travelers.