Camping in Costa Rica

It is widely known that camping on the Coast of Costa Rica is free. Not only is it known to travelers, but also to thieves. That said, I would recommend against camping on the beach unless you plan of having at least one person in the camp at all times. Even taking a few minutes to jump into the ocean for a swim could result in a few missing things. Today camping on the beach is highly discouraged. Not to mention its hard to find an area of beach that isn’t already occupied by a house or business.


If you wish to find a place to go camping in Costa Rica, try to find an established campground on the beach. These “campgrounds” are usually product of a family who has beach front property. These tend to be much safer and secure than going it alone and camping on the beach. The cost of camping in Costa Rica is usually around $2 a night depending on the location.

Camping at Hostels




Many hostels also offer some sort of camping in Costa Rica. This is better than using a campground, but may be a little more expensive. The cost of camping in Costa Rica is usually around $5 a night at hostels. The nice thing about camping at hostels is that they provide much more security. Usually hostels come with some sort of locker so that you don’t have to risk keeping stuff in your tent. Another great feature of camping at hostels is many have covered camping areas. This is great for visiting in the rainy season for obvious reasons.

Some hostels that offer camping also rent out tents and even mattresses. These tents are usually in poor condition, but are setup under the covered camping area.

National Parks

A larger number of the national parks in Costa Rica offer tent camping. Those that don’t allow for camping usually have some sort of bunkhouse or cabin for rent. These cabins are generally very rustic, but some parks have higher end accommodations.

Camping in a Costa Rica national park is still relatively cheap. Generally you will pay park entrance fee of $7 and a per person, per night fee. This camping fee is typically $3.

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