Costa Rica food guide. The best part of travel is experiencing new food. Here’s how to find the best places to eat, and recipes that you can take home.

Have you been doing some reading up on Costa Rica and heard a lot about sodas? Not sure what they are? I assure you that Costa Ricans don’t have some obsession with syrupy, caffeinated drinks. Quite the opposite in fact. Sodas are simply small restaurants that have limited menu options […]

What are Sodas in Costa Rica?

Beach Hut – Restaurant – Puerto Viejo Half way into the quaint beach town of Puerto Viejo de Limon, you will find a brightly painted, white and blue colored building with a shaded patio area. This picture perfect Caribbean restaurant is properly named, The Beach Hut. If you’re looking for […]

Beach Hut – Restaurant

Types of Food: Mainly American food with a Caribbean twist Average Cost: $1 – Beer Recommendations: Ceveiche, Pineapple Pizza Website: There’s not a night that goes by that there aren’t tables full of people at Hot Rocks. Even if the clubs are going strong, there are still tables full here. […]

Hot Rocks Cafe – Puerto Viejo