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Costa Rica adventure travel guide. When you really want to have some fun, we’ll help you find the best adventure travel in Costa Rica!

Manuel Antonio is a national park, located on the mid-Pacific coast, close to the town of Quepos. The park is open daily, except on Mondays, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica. It’s advisable to plan your visit early […]

Things to Do in Manuel Antonio

Rainforests have an incredible, magical draw to them. So for someone who especially loves animals, they are truly a nature lover’s paradise! If you always been fascinated by the jungle and yet have never gotten to actually go, then you have got to go on your next vacation to the […]

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

You may not already know it, but Costa Rica is a fantastic vacation destination. Costa Rica is the most politically stable country in all of Latin American and is very Americanized. Many Costa Ricans are bilingual, making travel much easier. And, of course, the country boasts some of the most […]

Safari Mangrove Tours in Quepos

When you are a tourist visiting another country, you can sometimes feel like you are missing something. You have heard so many great things about a particular place, but when you go there yourself, it just is not what you expected. Maybe you simply aren’t eating at the right places […]

El Aguila Mayor Nature Tours

Exploring the jungles and waterways of Costa Rica is something every visitor to Costa Rica wants to do. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that should be done on your own. It is way to easy to get lost and there are way to many dangers out there. It is for these […]

Canoa Aventura in Arenal La Fortuna

One of the most breath taking and exciting things you can do in Costa Rica is an Arenal hanging bridge tour. These walking bridge tours allow you a chance to take your time and enjoy the natural surroundings at your own pace. There are many other different scenic tours you […]

The Hanging Bridge Tours in Arenal