Costa Rica Cities

What to Expect
Typical Costa Rica cities can very depending on where you are. Popular beachside cities are far different from the cities located further inland. Knowing what expect depends or where you are. The more popular Costa Rica cities on the beach all share many common elements.

If you are the type of traveler who enjoys popular beachside cities in Costa Rica area great place to visit robust night life. The major beachside cities in Costa Rica often have a number of bars, clubs, and other nightlife activities. These bars and clubs are usually an open aired building, on or near the beach, a dance floor, and a bar. You won’t find extravagant lights or decorations, just the basics.




Short of San Jose, many of the Costa Rica cities that rest inland are a little more laid back. The towns are smaller, life is a little slower, and there may not be as many shops/stores/bars. But again, it all depends on where you go and what you are looking for. If you want an eco community hidden in the jungle, you can find it. If you want a tiny city, seemingly untouched from the outside world, you can find that too.

Top Cities in Costa Rica
For a little more information of each city, be sure to check out the top 10 cities in Costa Rica post.

  1. Tamarindo
  2. Drake Bay
  3. Jaco
  4. La Fortuna
  5. Monteverde
  6. Quepos
  7. San Jose
  8. Puerto Viejo
  9. Heredia
  10. Manuel Antonio

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