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Cool Gear for Costa Rica

pillow.jpgA while back I wrote a post on my 5 Must Haves for Traveling in Costa Rica. While I still consider those items essential, I have come across some really cool pieces of gear and gadgets. Everything you see on this list are items I have used or reviewed myself and consider to be quality gear and definitely worth checking out.

Cool New Gear

Stuffbak Labels – These labels have a unique set a numbers that are assigned to an online account you create on the Stuffbak website. The idea behind the labels, is that if you loose a piece of gear with the label on it, the person who finds it sees that there is a reward, and goes to the Stuffbak site to report that they found your stuff. While these labels may or may not work well in destinations like Costa Rica, for such a low price they can’t hurt to try.

TSA Luggage Locks – Normally you are not allowed to leave locks on your luggage when checking bags at the airport. However, with the TSA Luggage locks, you can. These luggage locks look just like any other lock, but have a special feature that allows TSA security to unlock and re-lock your bag without damaging the lock.

Therm-a-Rest Neck Pillow – Neck pillows are great for long flights or long bus rides. The only problem is that they are a tad bulky and can take up a lot of space in you luggage. Therm-a-Rest has created a solution to this problem though, an inflatable neck pillow. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Therm-a-Rest Seat Cushion – I used to carry a Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad in my day pack to use as a cushion for uncomfortable bus seats, benches, and boats. Now Therm-a-Rest makes an inflatable seat cushion that works even better. The cushion is about the same size as a cushion you use for stadium seats, but is inflatable.

More Great Gear

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