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Costa Rica – a good option for expats?

For the past year I’ve been looking into finding a new place to settle. And, of course, the search led me to the best countries for expats . In recent years, Costa Rica has emerged as one of the newest and good options for expats. Sure, it’s very difficult to get a work visa so everyone ends up working illegally on a tourist visa. Plus every 90 days you are forced to exit the country and enter again to get a visa renewal. But… it’s definitely worth it.

I live in Eastern Europe and that’s not very different from living a developing country. Really. Probably the only perk is being able to travel in the European Union without a passport (so only with a valid ID card). But in other regards, I doubt there are many differences between the country in live in and Costa Rica.

So, why would anyone want to live in a developing country anyway? Some of the reasons to live in a developing country include: getting a lot of experience, understating a new culture, enjoying new scenery which can inspire your work, adding challenge to your life and learning how to deal with change.

Developing as individuals means to want to overcome the borders set by ourselves. We cannot evolve unless we try new things. And that’s what expats do (most of the time). Whether you decided on the spur of the moment to book airfare to Costa Rica and then never come back home, or you’ve done a lot of research – like I have – , choosing to move to another country means choosing to evolve.

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