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Costa Rica Escorts – General information on escorts in Costa Rica.

While many come to Costa Rica to enjoy its beaches, eco travel, and diverse wildlife; others come here to enjoy its women. Some in fact, even come to do both. This of course has a lot to do with the fact the prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. This results in the sex industry being almost as popular as the banana industry (insert sexually perverse banana joke here). Ok, maybe it isn’t as popular as the banana industry, but it is popular none the less.

Some prostitution seekers to Costa Rica like to go about it own, visiting places like the popular known brothel; Del Ray Hotel and Casino. Others on the other hand, like to make plans ahead of time. For these people, the Costa Rica escort services do the trick.

Costa Rica Escort Information

Odds are, prostitution isn’t legal where you live. If that’s the case, you probably have a lot of questions about the escorts in Costa Rica and the sex industry in general. Below, I will try to answer some of the common questions regarding these matters.

Is prostitution legal in Costa Rica?
As I mentioned above, prostitution is Legal in Costa Rica. For some more detailed information on this subject, I suggest you read my post on prostitution in Costa Rica.

How safe our the girls?
I suppose the girls are as safe as any prostitute can be. Legal sex workers are required to be tested for STDs once a month. But, who is to say that any girl you see is a legal sex worker or not? Not to mention that even if the fail their STD tests, there is no one to stop them from working.

Are there pimps?
The act of pimping or being an in between person is illegal in Costa Rica. The reality on the other hand can be a different story. Escort websites, tours, and vacations are all also technically a form of pimping; but these all seem to be a bit less regulated.

How much does it cost?
The price for escort services all depend on the girl, if they have some sort of pimp, real or internet based, and a majority of other factors. But, to give you an idea on how much it may costs; a 5 night, all inclusive vacation with escort will usually cost around US$3,500.

Is sex involved
Generally speaking, yes, sex is included in the price of the escorts services. Although it is included in the price, there’s nothing saying its required. However, if you are after a sexual escort, you may want to make sure that’s included in your package, as not all escorts are prostitutes.

What do the girls look like?
As with anywhere in the world, there is a little something for everyone. The girls here come in all shapes and sizes. They even come in a variety of elasticities as well. Many of the escorts here are from other countries in Central and South America. Check out our post on the top ten hottest models in Costa Rica to get an idea of how the girls look.