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Costa Rica is a Great Couples Destination

coupleWhen you’re courting someone who loves to travel, there’s very little you can give them that will surpass the gift of a trip somewhere. And, assuming you’re a travel lover as well, what better way to confirm that this person really is The One than by making sure you can travel well together, right?

Which is why you should put a couples trip to Costa Rica on your list.

Costa Rica is a great place to travel with your sweetheart, as it’s still a bit rough around the edges but absolutely accessible even for a travel novice. You can get out into the wilderness or luxuriate at a spa – or both.

Now, it’s probably too late to book a Costa Rica trip to celebrate this Valentine’s Day (although it never hurts to see if it’s listed among the cheap Valentine’s Day getaways, you know), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning a romantic trip for two anyway – whether you wait until next February or surprise your special someone with a trip at another time of year.

Your best bet, especially if you’re traveling on a budget, is to start getting an idea of the cost of Costa Rica airfare as soon as possible. Set up a “fare alert” with an airfare booking site so that you’ll know when the price goes up or down. That will give you a good idea of what prices to expect at different times of year, and when the best time to book is.

Then, you’ll be pleased to know, your money will go further when it comes to accommodation. Even if you’re used to roughing it and staying in the cheapest hostels you can find, you might want to upgrade slightly to at least cheap hotels in Costa Rica when you’re traveling with your sweetie. Not only could this win you points for “splurging” on something that still won’t break the bank, it could also save your trip from turning into a shouting match when your other half wonders why you booked a dorm room at the hostel.

photo by cstrom