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Day Trips from Jaco

With all the bars, prostitutes, and surfing in Jaco; there is certainly plenty to do. But, should you feel the need to purge yourself from the town for a day, you will be happy to know there are a wealth of things to do in nearby areas. Because Jaco is a straight shot from San Jose, it is easy to find organized tours that go all over central Costa Rica.

In case you are visiting other areas of Costa Rica as well, here are some other suggested day trips:
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Day Trips from San Jose

Crocodile Safari

Home of one of the World’s largest crocodile populations can be found on the Tarcoles River, which is one of four rivers that flow into the Nicoya Peninsula. A perfect day trip safari while in Jaco Costa Rica.

View crocodiles and their habitat up close while crusing down the river. Some of these magnificent reptiles are up to 15 feet long. In addition, professional tour guides will explain the difficult ecosystem of the Guacalillo Estuary that is home to more than 50 different species of birds with the red macaw among them.

And excellent day trip for the whole family and is safe for children. The main receiving hall is fully handicapped accessible and can house up to 200 people at a time. The tour is a two hour boat trip that will accommodate anywhere from 20 to 60 passengers so be sure to get your cameras and video recorders ready to take hundreds of pictures. Transportation, professional guides and a boat ride are all included in this trip package.

Any vacationer needs to include this safari trip in their plans while in Costa Rica. Crocodiles slithering effortlessly through the water in a lushly beautiful landscape makes for a unique and fun trip indeed.

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Costa Rica Café Britt Coffee Tour

Coffee drinkers will enjoy this favorite day tour. The Costa Rica Cafe Britt Coffee Tour leads the visitor from the beginning of the coffee bean to the processing plant that will eventually make the gourmet cup of coffee that all coffee drinkers crave.

In addiiton to the coffee processing facilities, the tour also includes six acres of coffee fields and tropical gardens. The visitor will discover what a typical day is like and learn how a turn of the century coffee processing business operates and visitors can even purchase dried coffee beans in order to plant their own coffee. Visitors will also be able to create their own groumet coffee if desired.

The visitor will also be able to watch the roasting of the coffee beans and the packaging process which ends in a wonderfully tasting cup of coffee.

A professional acting troupe will guide the visitors in a play of the history and importance of the coffee industry and it’s foundation to the local culture. Dressed in traditional clothing of the area, the play is a wonderful experience for adults and kids alike.

The whole family will have a wonderful time on the Coffee tour and will be a time long remembered as one of the favorite highlights of your vacation.

Buena Vista Rainforest Combo

Looking to spend a day in the rainforest? Take a Buena Vista Rainforest tour. While visiting Jaco Costa Rica, taking this 8 hour tour will guide you through the lush landscape of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, a rainforest with several species of monkeys darting through the trees and birds chirping in the air.

There are 3 species of monkey that includes the spider monkey, white faced monkey and the howling monkey. With over 250 species of birds, a tour through this natural paradise is the ideal day trip. Other wildlife that is native to the rainforest are also certain to be seen.

Enjoy the sulphur springs for relaxation and a mud bath facial to experience the health benefits that are available deep in the rainforest. Taking a walk on a bridge or experiencing a canopy ride is a must for the traveller as they wander through ravines, rivers and volcanic springs.

Cameras are allowed so the visitors can take pictures of the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest and preserve memories of a unique vacation day.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Rainforest tour, reservations are required at least 5 days in advance. Book yours today.

Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs

Visiting Jaco Costa Rica cannot be complete without visiting Arenal Volcano. Listed as one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world, Arenal Volcano has hot ash belching from the top with hot lava rocks flowing down the hillside virtually on a daily basis.

While visiting the volcano in the town of Zarcero, visitors can enjoy relaxing in thermal hot springs that are naturally heated by the close proximity of the volcano. While there, be sure to consider staying until after dark to see the spectacular views of the volcano at night.

Other activities can be found around Arenal, so if you are not sure what type of tour you would like to take or would like to take several day trips, Arenal is the place to go. Tours for everything from rafting, horseback tours, agricultural tours, caves and canopy tours can be found. Visitors will be sure to find something for everyone in their party to do.

Rappeling will be a unique experience as you feel the rumblings of the volcano or walking across hanging bridges.

Costa Rica offers a wide, unique experience for any traveller and needs to be anyone’s list as a new vacation destination.