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Del Rey Hotel in San Jose – Where Costa Rica’s hottest prostitutes can be found

Worried that you might not get any action on your trip to Costa Rica? Don’t be. The prostitutes at the Hotel Del Ray are here to make your vacation a memorable one. That is of course assuming you have money and nothing against paying for sex. But, you can leave that part out of your story when you tell the guys back home about the hot girl you banged on your vacation.

What do you get when you put a casino, hotel, sports bar, and prostitutes all in one place? A one stop shop for sexual favors. Think of the Hotel Del Ray as the Wal-Mart of prostitution. They have every day low prices (US$100) and a little bit of something for everyone.

What to Expect

The Del Ray Hotel sports the average atmosphere of any popular prostitute hot spot or brothel. If however, you aren’t experienced in the brothel atmosphere, let me try to elaborate.

The scene is your typical sports bar, but without being as much of a sausage fest. While there is still plenty of sausage in the place, it’s balanced out by an even greater about of buns and jugs. In case your one track mind didn’t follow that comment; I was simply stating that the bar at the Del Ray Hotel is is like a sports bar filled with super hot chicks. Maybe not Maxim magazine hot, but hot none the less. If you need some visuals, check out my post on the top 10 models in Costa Rica.

Needless to say, the girls are extremely friendly. Don’t be surprised if girls walk by and grab your butt or sit down beside you for a game of pocket pool. In case you weren’t in the mood when you walked in, the girls will make sure to put you in it. Its all about marketing in these places and these girls are pros

While there are always good looking women wandering around the place, the quality of girls tends to improve in the evening time. However, there is something to be said about visiting during the afternoon. If you want a little extra attention, try visiting around lunch time. Many of these mid afternoon delights will probably be looking for some action and its not uncommon to have two or three girls around you at this time of day. Oh what it must be like to be a bored prostitute.

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Proper Etiquette

Contrary to what some might think, there is still a bit of etiquette involved when it comes to the sale of sexual favors. I guess even prostitutes have to have some sort of guidelines in which to conduct business. The biggest no no in the prostitution business is wasting time. Don’t make the mistake of keeping a girl on your arm all night and then not close the deal. Should you decide to grace the lovely lady with your sexual domination after you made her blow your dice for a few hours, expect to pay for it. Shes going to charge your more for hanging on your arm than you if you would have got right down to business.

Unlike in strip clubs, the “look but don’t touch” rule doesn’t really apply to prostitutes. Just do yourself a favor and at least ask first. After all, there is a chance she may not be a prostitute and that the guy she is talking to might not be a customer.

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