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Desafio Adventure Company Tours

Desafio Adventure Company provides many exciting thrills for all ages with their vacation package trips and individual activities. Some of these packages include a one to two week holiday in Costa Rica, adventuring through the lush jungles and forests at the base of the famous Arenal Volcano. Another package includes an 11 day trip in Costa Rica that includes visits to an animal rescue center, horseback riding, a tour of a forest, watersports, canopy zip line tours, and more. This package deal is ideal for family trips.

Other individual activities offered from this company include rafting classes, horseback riding by a magnificent waterfall, hikes, mountain biking, and more. For the more daring adventurers, kayaking, bungee jumping, hanging bridges, and rafting are available. Many more activities are offered for the pleasure of individuals, with supervision and instruction available from a crew of experienced employees.

This allows for the trip to be conducted safely, without incident. Desafio Adventure Company provides an unforgettable vacation for anyone wishing to purchase their services.

Hours of Operation
Desafio Adventure Company’s hours of operation vary depending on the pick-up location and reservations. Most of the tours leave at 8:00 or 8:30am and 2:00 or 2:30pm. Hours of operation are subject to change depending on multiple circumstances.

Admission Cost
All package deals and individual activities from Desafio Adventure Company vary in price. For the lava, jungle, and beach package, the cost will be $995. For the Family Eco-Adventure, the cost is $1,015. For the Honeymoon Adventure, it is $1,295. Other packages include the Adrenaline Tour, which is $985, the Adventure School at $1,195, and the Natural Tour for $995.

Other prices vary for individual activities such as the rafting class at $85, kayaking at $45, and bungee jumping at $50. Many more enjoyable activities are available from this company, all prices ranging from $40-100 for separate activities. Prices subject to change at any time.

How To Get There
Transportation is provided by Desafio Adventure Company. Most packages include transportation in the price, although transportation for individual activities from this company may cost additional.