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Don Juan Coffee Tour in Monteverde

3234775491_5184e5ca01The Don Juan Coffee Tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica is an interactive and historical tour chronicling the coffee-making process from bean growth, to roasting, to packaging, to brewing. The coffee that is grown at the Don Juan Coffee farms is Arabian in originality. In the 19th century the coffee was transported to the mountains in Costa Rica and grown there for a unique twist of rich coffee flavors.

The Don Juan coffee farms are a beautiful location where other produce items such as fruit and vegetables. There also are many types of birds, butterflies and plants in residence at the Don Juan coffee farm. The best time to visit the farm is during November to March. This is when the coffee beans are harvested in the old fashioned way and dried and roasted to create the unique and rich coffee flavor that they have come to be known for. If you are visiting Costa Rica do not pass up this beautiful and exciting experience.

What to Expect

The area of Monteverde is beautiful and mountainous. The Don Juan Coffee Farm is well away from any cities and other forms of civilization. The experience of visiting the coffee tour is almost like taking a journey back in time to long ago. Almost all of the processes used to make the coffee is traditional and dates back from the 19th century when the coffee first was brought to Costa Rica. The tour covers all aspects of coffee growing and is a educational as well as delightful tour.

There are several things to do which at the Don Juan Coffee Farm. You can take the coffee tour, where visitors are shown the entire coffee making process from bean growing all the way up to grinding the beans and brewing the coffee right at the farm. You can also tour the farm and discover many beautiful birds, flowers, plants, and butterflies that populate the farm. There is also a small coffee shop where different coffees and coffee products can be purchased.

The best time to visit the Don Juan Coffee Tour is during the dry season. The temperatures in Costa Rica generally stay temperate at around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, during the spring and summer months it is considered the rainy season. Usually rains occur in the afternoon and are generally mild, but a large rain can prevent the travel up and down a mountain side. The months from January to March are the driest months in Monteverde. Additionally, visitors in this time period will get to see the beans being harvested from the coffee fields which is an interesting and exciting process.

Tips for Visiting

When visiting the Don Juan Coffee Tour there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, transportation can sometimes be an issue. Since the farms are located in a mountainous region, there are fewer modes of transportation available. It will be necessary to hire a car and driver to take you to the farm. Sometimes busses can be found for larger groups.

Secondly, time should be taken into consideration. Although the farm is somewhat small, there are many steps in the coffee making process that are included in the tour. Visitors should be aware that the tour will take almost a full day including travel time to and from the farm.

The last thing to prepare for is the weather. Clothing should be light and layered, and it is a good idea to wear pants rather than shorts. This is because there are a lot of insects and grasses that can cause rashes on the legs. It is also a good idea to carry water and an umbrella in case it rains.