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Earth Class Mail

earth-mail.jpgWhile Costa Rica does have in international postal system, like other things in the country, it isn’t the most efficient. Home delivery of mail is pretty much non existent, mail boxes are never seen, and house numbers hardly exist. It is pretty easy and reliable to send post cards, letters and small envelope based packages out of the country using the postal system. On the other hand, getting mail shipped to you, not so much. Luckily, there is a new “web 2.0” company that has some what of a solution.

The companies name is Earth Class Mail and they have provided a way for you to receive and read all of your mail without it ever entering Costa Rica. Pretty impressive wouldn’t you say? Want to know how it works?

Why it Rocks

  • Recycle all the junk with a click of your mouse
  • Have them securely scan the contents so you can read it online
  • Shred sensitive information
  • Forward the original to you or someone else
  • Forward the electronic document to whomever you choose
  • Archive the originals at their facility

How it Works

Earth Class Mail provides you with a P.O. Box number at their facility This P.O. Box is your new address for incoming mail once you move to Costa Rica. Currently, you choose your address from one of many in the expanding network of street addresses and P.O. boxes, including all major U.S. cities from New York to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Miami, and Washington, D.C.

On a daily basis Earth Class Mail will check your P.O. Box for mail. If you have received mail, they will scan the front of the envelope and upload it to your account that acts as a virtual mailbox online. You then log into your account to check your mail. Upon viewing your scanned envelopes you can choose to have the letter destroyed or opened.

If you choose to have the letter destroyed, they will shred the envelope without ever opening it. If you want them to open the letter, they will open it and scan the contents for you. This process usually takes an additional day.

Prices for the Earth Class Mail service start at US$13.95 a month with a discount for purchasing extended subscription plans. There is also a one time setup fee.