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Eco Termales

Eco Termales – The smallest and most private of all the hot springs.
The Eco Termales hot springs may be the smallest of the hot springs in the area, but you won’t find any of the guests complaining about it. In fact, its size and strict reservation system is one of its main selling points. Eco Termales admission is based on a reservation system. This reservation system is designed to keep the number of guests to a minimum, therefore, ensuring that everyone has their own privacy and that the springs don’t get over crowded.

Combine this privacy with the springs beautiful grounds and cheap admission price, and its easy to see why Eco Termales is so popular. Luckily, all the tour buses stop at the more popular Tabacon Hot Springs right down the road. Even luckier still, Eco Termales costs about half as much as the bigger hot springs.

There are a variety of pools at Eco Termales that range in size and temperature. You can start out in one of the two large spring pools that are the coolest of them all. If you feel like stepping it up, you can head over to the waterfall area that has the hottest spring in Eco Termales and several smaller waterfall pools.

More Information

e-mail –
phone – (506) 479-8484 cell – (506) 382-2727
Address – Apdo 77-4417, La Fortuna San Carlos, Costa Rica
Administrator – Mireya Hidalgo Murillo

What to Bring

Admission to Eco Termales includes a locker and towel, so all you need to bring is a change of clothes and some money if you feel like eating or drinking.

One thing to note; if you have a evening reservation and will be taking a cab to Eco Termales, make arrangements for them to come pick you back up at the front desk. The driveway from the resort to the road is long, dark, and full of snakes. If your hotel is close by, the staff may offer you a free ride.