EZ – Times

EZ – Times – A laid back restaurant in Puerto Viejo.

If you are looking a place in the town of Puerto Viejo to escape the heat of the day, you might want to wonder into EZ-Times. As the name suggests, the restaurant offers a laid back atmosphere that is the perfect escape for the hustle and bustle of travel. Many tourist and locals come here to unwind, grab a drink, smoke a joint, play some games, and just enjoy the day.

The EZ-Times Restaurant is located just a few steps from the main intersection in Puerto Viejo. Its one of the few places in town where you can dine and have a good view of the beach. The EZ-Times Restaurant is located just across the street from the ocean. This lets have a nice view while you eat and often offers a bit of ocean breeze during the hot afternoons.

Every cab drive in the town knows where the EZ-Times Restaurant is located. If you are staying close to town, you can easily walk.




As with many of the expat owned eating establishments, EZ-Times Restaurant tends to cater to the healthy conscious eater. this probably has something to do with the fact that its owned by a young hippy couple. There are plenty of of vegan friendly meals, but the not so health conscious eater will also find plenty to snack on.

My favorite dishes are the sandwiches they offer. If they have fresh fish the day you visit, I highly recommend the fish sandwich. If the fish isn’t available, I would suggest checking out the portabello mushroom sandwich. Im not usually up for sandwiches that dont have meat, but this one is pretty good.