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Fincas Naturales Manuel Antonio

Fincas Naturales Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica is a portal into a vibrantly technicolor world, where nature is king and the scenic beauty of the park’s 24 acres is matched only by its capacity to awe. Fincas Naturales Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica is a refuge from the hustle of the modern world, a place where visitors can relax into the brilliant settings as they move along through guided nocturnal nature walks, aquatic tropic gardens, reptile lagoons and butterfly botanical galleries.

What To Expect
Fincas Naturales Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica straddles the Tropical Dry and Tropic Humid forests, so most days are very sunny and many nights are rainy. Clothes should absolutely be outdoor-weather appropriate, as this is a primarily outside endeavor. It is very education-oriented, so be prepared to learn and ready to ask questions; there are also attractions suitable for all age groups, so the whole family can come. Expect to see a lot of wildlife, from frogs to squirrel monkeys to Gray Hawks.

Hours of Operation
Fincas Naturales Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica operates both night and day. The first guided tours of the morning begins at 6:30 am while the last nocturnal walk is schedule for 5:30.

Admission Cost
Prices vary according to the tour chosen and the number of adults and children; however, all prices are relatively low. For example, the cost of a Jungle Night Walk for two adults and two children is $120. A tour of the Reptile lagoons and Butterfly Garden is even lower, at $60. For any single person, the cost of a tour is never above $45.

How To Get There
To arrive at Fincas Naturales, take the Pan-American Highway to Atenas, then exit at the Atenas – Orotina sign and drive on, following the Hotel Si Como No and Fincas Naturales signs past Jaco to Parrita, and eventually, Quepos. Once there, turn left after the park and drink approximately 2.5 miles on the only road available. The parking entrance is in front of Si Como No and Regalame Gift Shop.