Costa Rican Food

Quick Facts

  • Average cost of full meal: $10 – $25
  • Sodas: Small street vendors that serve a variety of meals and drinks at a cheap price.
  • Mirador: A restaurant with a view.

San Jose will, by far, offer you the most options when it comes to dining. From fast food delivery to fine dining, San Jose has it all. While there are plenty of choices to feed your belly here, many are nothing to write home about. That’s not to say the food in Costa Rica is bad, it’s just that much of it won’t make your taste buds dance.




Outside of the capital your food options will dissipate at an alarming rate. Even in some of the most popular destinations food is limited to a few local restaurants and sodas. Many of the restaurants serve sub par food at cheap prices or are tourist traps serving over priced food because they are run by expats.

Many hotels and resorts have restaurants or serve food buffet style. These options are hit or miss. They can be an outstanding deal that you have to loosen up the notches on your belt for, or they can be the opposite.

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