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Gaia Hotel and Reserve

snapshot_nightLocated on the stunning coast of Costa Rica the beautiful Gaia Hotel is a Luxury Resort sitting in a lush pool of forest, surrounded by a setting only movies are made of. Gaia Hotel and Reserve is a scenic resort wrapped in a lovely cloak of sea, forest, and sun. An adult relaxation paradise located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. This resort is made for the quiet escape for couples who want to spend time alone. With the emptiness of the ocean and the cover of a blanket of forest, this privacy can take place in the most luxurious fashion.

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What to Expect

Come to the Gaia Hotel and allow yourself to be pampered by the Gaia hotel staff. Soak in the pool or sun on the beach and let your mind relax in a world of actual make believe.

The Gaia Luxury hotel is hidden from the eyes of the world by the coastal rain forest. You are enclosed by the forest and the sea. You can do what you like at your leisure, be as active as possible or do nothing at all; the choice is up to you.

The hotel looks out into the vast distance of the lush forest and takes in the delicate balance of it and the wildlife that it protects. Dining is at your pleasure in an elegant setting of beautiful sky, lovely decor and soft lights. The open patio makes for a private meal should you decide to dine alone.

Built with privacy in mind the Gaia Hotel and Reserve is a palace in a seemingly lost paradise. Modern amenities abound in the forest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in the Gaia, you will be catered to and have luxury at its best, a pool side umbrellas, lovely gardens and patios. The rooms of the hotel are spacious and luxurious, designed for optimum privacy, and comfort. The rooms are decorated with beautiful fabrics to enhance the enjoyment of your stay. If you are a star at home you can be left alone, and if you are not you will be treated like royalty at the Gaia Hotel & Reserve.

If you love luxurious accommodations you will love this beautiful hotel. The forest is filled with exotic flowers surrounding the hotel with the fragrance of a tropical paradise. For couples time alone is very important, and this lovely retreat has everything one would require in a couples only resort hotel. The Gaia Hotel & Reserve carries a luxury spa, a gym, restaurant and any other special thing. Finding such an exquisite hideaway would be very difficult. The service at the Gaia is impeccable, the rooms are clean and guests are so well looked after.

The Gaia Hotel & Reserve is a lovely design with rooms having verandas that overlook the rain forest, the nights with soft lights and candles and the days with warm quiet is very good for quality time with a significant other. Looking into the wide open spaces as you stand on your patio, the ambiance of the resort causes you to focus on the person with you, making the resort a great place for two people to get away.

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The staff is helpful, and attentive, giving time and patience to details while making a great deal of effort not to disturb the guest. It is exhilarating to sit among tropical breezes while having your needs taken care of while you focus on enjoying this adult only resort. The hotel is eco-friendly; this makes the relaxing and the dinning experience very thoughtful. The Gaia Hotel & Reserve is a handsome property and the care put into the property and its guest is worth the investment of allowing you to become one of the pampered ones.