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Getting From San Jose to Drake Bay

Discovered by Sir Francis Drake in 1579 during his circumnavigation of the globe, Drake Bay is a tiny town that lies on the northern end of the Osa Peninsula in Puntarenas province. Drake Bay is actually one of the most inaccessible places in the entire country of Costa Rica. Therefore traveling possibilities are limited, but well worth the effort you have to make to get there. Here are some travel tips on getting from San Jose to Drake Bay.

By Plane

NatureAir offers one of the only direct flights from San Jose to Drake Bay. These cost of these flights range from $70 US to $109 US. The only problem with NatureAir is trying to find a flight that fits your schedule. There are many different travel packages available with different traveling ways, but here in on of the best ones. With this one you will fly out of San Jose on a 45 minute flight to Palmar Sur. From there you will take an hour and 45 minute flight to Sierpe. At this time you will take a boat down the Sierpe River for 1 hour and 30 min. You will exit the boat onto the beach, and walk to your hotel. These packages include guides that will show you around the different must see sights of Drake Bay. If you are planning a trip to Drake Bay Costa Rica, you should research all the different flight packages offered to find the one most suitable for you and your family.

By Bus

This would be a lot cheaper than flying, but will also take a lot more time to arrive. Some think it is worth the longer travel time, because of the incredible scenery you will see on the way. Tracopa Bus will take you to Palmar Norte, the price is around $9 US round trip. This ride takes about 6 hours and will take you through the central highlands of Costa Rica. This is one of the most amazing bus rides you will ever take in your life, and for $9 I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t take advantage of that deal. When you arrive in Palmar Norte you will have to take another bus to Sierpe, and from there you will take a boat to Drake Bay.

By Car

If you would rather skip the airports and bus stations you can drive the trip yourself. You can rent a car in San Jose and drive all the way to Sierpe. Many people elect to take this option, so that they may take as much time needed for the scenic drive. However, you must remember you can not drive to Drake Bay. Therefore once you arrive in Sierpe you will still have to take a boat the rest of the way. Still this is one of the best ways to make the trip, no waiting at the airports or bus stations, no loud sounds, just you and the beautiful surrounding areas.

By Taxi

There is another option by car. You can decide that you don’t want to drive yourself and take a taxi. The taxi ride will cost around $150 US one way for up to 4 people and will take you around 5 1/2 hours. This is also a great way to stay away from the busy airports and bus stations while at the same time allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It is always best to plan ahead and make reservations, but sometimes people don’t if you are one of these people, just keep in mind there is not an established boat service from Sierpe to Drake Bay. However boats do leave the docks on the Sierpe River several times a day for Drake Bay and will be more than happy to give you a ride for a reasonable fee.