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Getting From San Jose to Quepos

The city of Quepos is located in the Puntarenas Province which is in central Costa Rica and is surrounded by rainforests. This small town populates about fourteen thousand people and still preserves its laid back and modest establishments, despite tourism being the city’s main employer with rapid growth in restaurants, bars, art galleries, and etc. But how do you get from city to city?

By Plane

There are several websites online that will give you cheap flights from San Jose to Quepos. If you’re worried about your flight being a hit-or-miss, then you needn’t worry. There are always two flight carriers that run between San Jose and Quepos. There are a little over fifty flights that take place on a weekly basis between these two cities. Roundtrip tickets usually costs around ninety dollars with the usually being around twenty minutes. The flight stays low enough that you will, again, get a scenic view of what’s below you, so be sure to take your camera with you. The weight limit for luggage is about twenty pounds, so you will want to definitely keep it on the light side. With this flight information, it should be easy to get a cheap and easy flight.

By Car

Driving from San Jose to Quepos is a very scenic drive that takes you through towns such as Atenas, Orotina, Tarcoles, Jaco, and Parrita. Because the drive from San Jose to Quepos is about one-hundred miles on a paved road, it is really best to plan the trip to be about three to four hours by car. Of course, this depends on how the weather is and how busy the traffic is. The drive will take you through the mountains and gives you a scenic look at wildlife such as crocodiles, scarlet macaws, as well as other forms of wildlife and other waterfowl. Take your time travelling and whatever you do, do not speed. The road is unmarked with several of the bridges going to a single lane. Also keep in mind that the local police use radars on the roads and like to target tourists in rental cars that may appear to have money. Abide by the speed limit which is usually about 50mph in the country, about 35mph in the city, and about 25mph in the downtown area. Be sure to always carry your state driver’s license and passport, as these are usually asked and required the local police. While there are signs to show you where to go and turn, is it very necessary to have a good map of the area just in case.

By Bus

From the Coca Cola bus station, you can regular bus rides from San Jose to Quepos. You will need to get your ticket in a couple of days in advance to assure that you will have a seat. Bus fares run about six dollars while tickets run about fifteen dollars for one person, twenty-five dollars for two people. Buses usually leave out of San Jose every couple of hours starting at 7:20 in the morning and lasting until 5:20 in the evening. Bus trips usually take about 3 ½ hours. Because the Coca Cola station is located in the red-light district of San Jose, tourists can be targeted for theft- so be careful.