Costa Rica airport guide. How to avoid being ripped off by cab drivers, and a guide to airports in Costa Rica

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and has coastlines both at the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Travelers come to Nicaragua for the beauty it has to offer. Whether you look for eco-tourism, beaches, adventure travel or colonial cities, you’ll find them here. Many travelers choose […]

Getting from Costa Rica to Nicaragua (and return)

Liberia features colonial style buildings and is the gateway into the beaches of Nicoya Peninsula, as well as the national parks in the area. It used to be a gathering point for the ranching communities, as well as a hub for transportation of all kinds. Thanks to the new airport […]

Getting from Liberia to Arenal (and return)

Costa Rica and Panama both have Caribbean and Pacific Ocean coasts, as well as rainforests. While Costa Rica does a great job at preserving its natural beauty in its numerous national parks, Panama is more of an idyllic destination for those looking for beach getaways and a more bustling capital […]

Getting from Costa Rica to Panama (and return)