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Hostel Pangea

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If ever there were a party hostel, Hostel Pangea would be it. How you can you not be party hostel when you have a roof top bar and a dance club? Party hostel it may be, but it is probably one of the most efficiently run hostels in Costa Rica. A well educated and very bi-lingual staff run the hostel like a well oiled machine (most of the time, anyways). Better still, they have a reservation system that actually works and not some poorly designed email reservation system or pen and pad system.

The hostel its self is a giant maze of common rooms, computer labs, dorms, private rooms, dance club, pool, and much more. Im not sure what time the dance club upstairs closes, but the rest of the hostel cuts off the blaring music promptly at 11:00. The restaurant food is nice for a hostel restaurant, but you will definitely pay for it. Cocktails, beer, drinks, and food are all priced pretty high for a hostel. You will no doubt be paying more for the atmosphere than the food.

Im not much int party hostels, so Im not a fan of Hostel Pangea. Thats not to say Hostel Pangea isn’t a cool place. If you want a party hostel, this is the place to go. My only real gripe about Hostel Pangea is that their adds are out of date and very misleading. Take their ads with a grain of salt, otherwise you might be sorely disappointed.

Contact Information

Where: San Jose
Cost: $12 and up
Reservations: only for dorms and private rooms with shared bathroom
Phone Number:
Website: Hostel Pangea