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Search Costa Rica hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in Costa Rica.

Hostels in Costa Rica are the best way to do some serious budget travel. There is certainly no shortage of hostels in Costa Rica. Lucky for the traveler, many hostels compete by trying to offer as many free services as possible. So if you have time to do some research it’s easy to find hostels that include free coffee, internet, breakfast, tv, movies, and more.

Many Costa Rica hostels are actually owned by Americans, Europeans, or Canadians. This makes staying at hostels in Costa Rica a little homier. Especially to those who don’t speak Spanish well. Many hostel owners live at the hostel and spend plenty of time getting to know their guests.


Prices for Costa Rica hostels vary from location to location. Generally all hostels in the same area average a certain rate. That rate can be anywhere from $3 to $20 a night. Many hostels in Costa Rica offer a variety of accommodations to choose from. They type of accommodation you choose will decide how much you’ll spend.

Hostels in Costa Rica tend offer any or all of the following accommodations:

  • Camping $3 – $5
  • Hammocks $3 – $5
  • Shared Co-ed Room $7 – $12
  • Shared Gender Specific Room $7 – $12
  • Private Rooms $12 – $30

What to Expect

Hostels in Costa Rica are much like any other hostel in the world. Some of them are super nice, safe, clean, and have a hip atmosphere. On the other hand, there are a few that are nothing more than bunk beds, a common area, and have a bad reputation. If possible, find at least one reputable hostel to stay at for a few days. You can spend those days talking to other travelers about what hostels they recommend.

Many hostels in Costa Rica offer a large amount of free services. Some of these free services include:

  • Kitchen area
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee
  • Internet Access
  • Long Distance Calls
  • Lockers
  • Long Term Storage
  • Airport / Bus Stop Pick Up

How to Find Them