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Hot Springs

tabacon.jpgThroughout the La Fortuna and Arenal area are a number of hot springs. While a number of higher end resorts have their own, private hot springs, there are three main hot spring attractions and a “secret” spot. Each of these hot springs has their own environment and feel to them. From lush, tropical and secluded hot springs to ones with more of a theme park feel, you can find hot springs to fit your needs.

Eco Termales – For the best bang for you buck, these are the hot springs of choice. Here, it is just as lush and beautiful as the more expensive Tabacon Hot Springs right down the road, but half as expensive. In fact, Eco Termales is fed by the same river. The company limits the number of people allowed on the property which keep the springs from getting over crowded. Eco Termales also has several restaurants and bars on the property, allowing you to enjoy an icy cold drink while soaking.

Tabacon Hot Springs – This set of hot springs is the most expensive of them all and probably the most popular. They offer a variety of admissions from half day to a full day with dinner. These are probably some of the most beautiful sets of hot springs in the area. The only problem here is that the springs can quickly get filled with tourists from buses and tours. If you have the money and are traveling at the right time of year, I suggest checking it out.

Baldi Hot Springs – This set of hot springs is much more like a theme park than a relaxing set of hot springs. The air is filled with loud, house music and lots of flashing lights. There are a number of pools, hot springs and water slides. If you will be traveling with children, they will likely stay entertained here versus at the other hot springs.

Free Hot Springs – If you are a budget traveler, you have probably heard of or will be interested in the free hot springs. The hot springs are located in a “secret” spot that we won’t be giving away. Lucky for you though, we have posted information on how to get information about the free hot springs. Its not as nice as any of the above options, but if you aren’t picky, its hot, in a river, and free.