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Hotel Punta Cocles

428554_17_bWant to be surrounded by wildlife on your Costa Rican vacation? Then we recommend the Hotel Punta Cocles. Located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in the town of Puerto Viejo, the Hotel Punta Cocles is juxtaposed between a gorgeous beach and the rainforests of the Talamanca Mountain range.

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It is surprising to see a hotel that is just teeming with wildlife! Visitors can expect to see howler monkeys and sloths every day as they walk across the street to the beach. You are really near the heart of the rainforest! The Puerto Viejo area is well known as a popular place for bird watching in all of Costa Rica. The Hotel Punta Cocles has a great location, and as well as great service and low prices.

Accommodations and Amenities

I have heard that the Hotel Punta Cocles is where the ticos (locals) come for their vacations from time to time, and I can see why! The prices are really low, yet the hotel is nice. The Hotel Punta Cocles has 55 standard rooms. Each room has two double beds, air conditioning, a terrace, and a private bathroom. You can also reserve one of five larger rooms equipped with a full kitchenette and three double beds for as many as six people. These little cottages have lovely wood flooring as well as a covered wood deck.

The hotel management is known as being very friendly, and you can even request an extra single bed if you need one. But the rooms are not really decorated at all. Some people like this, and others don’t. Do you hate it when your hotel room is decorated with loud wallpaper and harsh colors? Well, then you will like the plainness and simplicity of the Hotel Punta Cocles. But other people will find the rooms lacking in flair. However, the rooms are always clean, and maid service comes every day.

The pool also has a swimming pool and a jacuzzi that are very nice. There are plenty of sunchairs around the pool, but no pool towels. There is also a shallow kid’s pool, making the Hotel Punta Cocles perfect for families. The beach is just a short walk from the hotel. However, this beach has large waves and an undertow, making it not as perfect for families. You can walk about fifteen minutes down the beach and get to an area that is perfect for swimming and even has tidal pools. The beaches are all beautiful, and year round the water is warm!

The Hotel Punta Cocles is actually located a couple of kilometers away from the city of Puerto Viejo, which you should consider before booking your room. The hotel restaurant, the Rasta Mouse Bar, is actually really good, and is a favorite among locals. There are also several other restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. You also get free breakfast when you stay at the Hotel Punta Cocles. If you want to go into town, however, it is a good twenty minute walk. The easiest way to get to town is to take a cab ride, which costs around eight dollars.

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About the Area

But Puerto Viejo is a cute little town and has a bunch of fun activities available, so you will definitely want to check it out sometime during your vacation. The beach at Puerto Viejo is really nice beach, there are some fun small shops, and there are a lot of great restaurants. During the day, you can do any of a number of activities, including canopy tours, ocean kayaking, surfing, nature tours and hikes, scuba diving, and horseback riding. Additionally, you can visit the Bri-bri Indian Reserve. Tours of their reservation include a hike to a gorgeous waterfall and swimming! And if you happen to come in May, you will not want to miss seeing the sea turtles who come in droves to the beaches of Puerto Viejo to nest. A nighttime tour can let you see this amazing event up close!