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Search Costa Rica hotels with up-to-date availability and book a hotel in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica hotels are a dream come true for any traveler. Budget travelers can enjoy their fair share of luxury without breaking their budget. Less budget concerned travelers can see the country in style. Penthouse suites here can start as low as $400 and easily rival hotels in pricier destinations. Many Costa Rica hotels are much more lavish than the typical chain hotel. There’s no denying that you will get more than your money’s worth with any hotel in Costa Rica.

There’s no need to worry about a lack of amenities, Costa Rica hotels have it all. Air conditionings and hot water are fairly typical features to be found in rooms. Some hotels in Costa Rica even offer free high speed and wireless internet access. Be it business or leisure, budget or luxury; everyone is sure to feel relaxed in Costa Rica Hotels.

Budget Friendly Hotels

Its easy to find hotels in Costa Rica for $10 to $20 night. But keep in mind that the tern “hotel” can be used very loosely. Odds are if you are looking to only spend $10 on a hotel room, you aren’t expecting much. Which is a good thing; because many budget hotels in Costa Rica aren’t much more than a bed, four walls, and maybe a private bathroom.

The nice thing about these budget hotels in Costa Rica is that they offer you a private room to store your belongings. Just remember though, the owner of the hotel also has key to your room. Things have been known to disappear from locked rooms, so use your best judgment.

If possible, try to get recommendations from other travelers. They can tell you what their experience was like at a particular hotel in Costa Rica and if you should stay away from it or not.

Luxury Hotels

If you feel like living it up while you are in Costa Rica, there are certainly plenty of luxury hotels to help you do so. Its very easy to find a luxury hotel in Costa Rica for $200 a night. If $200 is mere pocket change to you, don’t worry, there are even higher end hotels with rooms starting at $400.

Costa Rica may still be a developing country, but its luxury hotels sure aren’t. Luxury hotels in Costa Rica are easily comparable to that of any in the world. You can book hotel rooms in Costa Rica with views of active volcanoes, 100% Egyptian sheets, waterfall shower, balcony Jacuzzis, and anything else you could desire.