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January in Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica in January is a great time to vist as far as the weather is concered. The only problem is that everyone know this, making January one of the busiest months for travel in Costa Rica.


January in Costa Rica is still very early in the countries dry season. Most of Costa Rica gets little rain this time of year and has a regularly sunny forecast. The central and western regions tend to stay extra during this month. The little rain that does fall in January tends to come in short afternoon and evening showers.

Despite January in Costa Rica being part of the dry season, the North East region of the country still gets some steady rain. The rest of the Caribbean coast gets a little bit of rain this time of year, but nothing major. Again, what rain does fall is limited to light showers later in the day.


  • New Years Day
  • Fiesta Palmares
  • Fiesta San Cruz
  • Dia de Santo Cristo de Esquipulas


January in Costa Rica is one of the busiest months for travel. If you are planning on traveling to Costa Rica in January, make sure to make plans and reservations way in advance.

Not only is this a popular time of year for travel for international tourists, but also for locals. As with many places in the world, schools are still on holiday. So accommodations not only fill up with tourists, but locals as well.