Jungle Tours

Jungle tours are a great way to see Costa Rica. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a Tarzan, daredevil, wannabe to enjoy a Costa Rica jungle tour. While zip lines and rappels are the most popular, there are also a few trams and railed walkways.
For the adventure traveler who wants to get the most from there jungle tours in Costa Rica, there are plenty of tour operators offering all sorts of packages. These packages combine some or all of the companies services.


What to Expect
Every jungle tour operator in Costa Rica has their own unique selling point. Some offer super high zip lines, other offer super long zip lines, and some just offer a larger amount of zip lines. Your best bet in finding a Costa Rica jungle tour is to do some research ahead of time.

Many of the Costa Rica jungle tour packages are a half day deal, or around 4 to 5 hours. Typically the longer tours and packages include a snack or meal. Be sure to ask about this though. If they don’t offer a snack or lunch you’ll want to make sure to bring something.

Here are some things you could expect to do in a Costa Rica Jungle Tour Package:



  • 4×4 Drive in the Jungle
  • Jungle Treks
  • Waterfall Rappels
  • Rock Face Rappels
  • Zip Lines
  • Tree Top Walkways

What to Bring
While every jungle tour is a little different and may have its own set items to bring, there are some basic items you should remember to pack.

  • Extra Clothes: Jungle tours are a lot of work, you’re going to get sweaty, wet, or both.
  • Good Shoes: I recommend some top quality hiking/adventure sandals.
  • Camera: Make to bring some sort of waterproof bag for your camera. If you don’t already have a waterproof digital camera, look into it
  • .

Jungle Tour Operators

Canopy Safari
Manel Antonio
Cost: $65

Built in 1997, this canopy jungle tour adds excitement to its trip with new feature called the “Tarzan Swing.” In addition to the swing, the canopy tour has 21 platforms, 9 zip lines, 2 repels, and 1 suspension bridge. This is a full day adventure ( 5 hours ) and includes breakfast or lunch, bilingual guides, all your gear, and pick up and drop off from your hotel.

Pure Trek Adventures
Cost: $85

Pure Trek offers any and all outdoor and jungle adventures all over Costa Rica. But their most sought after jungle tour is the “ The Ultimate Waterfall Adventure.” During the course of your 4 hour adventure you will do a little bit of everything. The adventure starts with a 30 min 4×4 drive in the jungle, followed by jungle treks, 4 waterfall rappels, 1 rock race rappel, and lunch.

Selvatura Park
Monteverde Area
Cost: $40

This place is one stop shop for all things jungle related. There are canopy tours, tree top walkways, butterfly garden, hummingbird gardens, and cloud forest history walks. See the jungle like never before on a 3 hour canopy tour. The canopy tour consists of 15 cables and 18 platforms. For more faint of heart, check out the treetop walkways that sit up to 260ft in the air.

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