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La Lora Hostel

13525_5The La Lora Hostel of Costa Rica could be just what you want in a hotel, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio de Belen, only a few minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport. The La Lora Hostel is a brand new family run hostel specifically designed to appeal to the young, as well at those are who also young at heart. Which, needless to say, makes for a positive setting for you and your family. At the La Lora Hostel it’s all about relaxing, having fun, and enjoying the magnificent country that is Costa Rica. It is for these reasons that the La Lora Hostel is such a popular place to stay in the area for budget travelers.

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No matter why you decide to come to Costa Rica, the La Lora Hostel is in a prime location to help you do it all. From extreme eco adventures to learning how to speak spanish, there is something for everyone in the area. With such a great locations one would expect that the La Lora Hostel would be more expensive than it is. But to help keep the hostel aimed at younger travelers and budget savy folks the La Lora Hostel has decided to keep its rates as low as possible.

What is even better than the fact that the hostel is in an area heavy with activity is that the La Lora Hostel is also within walking distance of it all. From restaurants, internet cafes, banks, markets and the taxi and bus station; everything you need is short walk or bike ride away. Its location is one of the things that gives the hostel such an advantage.

At the hostel, you can expect clean and comfortable accommodation, with a friendly and fun family setting. In such a nice and welcoming environment, you can get to know others, make new friends, or even just simply share your experiences with others who are staying at the La Lora. The place isn’t exactly a party hostel, but more for the laid back traveler who enjoys a good conversation and meeting new people rather than meeting new drinking buddies.

One nice feature of the La Lora Hostel is that it has been recently remolded, which is more than I can say for a number of other hostels in the country! The newly remolded hostel creates a nice and peaceful hostel which is perfect for both budget travelers and even traveling families. If you are looking for a nicer, clean hostel in the area, the La Lora Hostel might be just what you are after.

The real selling point to the La Lora Hostel though is its price. If you are a traveler on a tight budget, you can certainly make your vacation dollars go far at the La Lora Hostel. While the dorm rates might be a tad more expensive than other backpacking hostels, it is because the La Lora Hostel is a lot nicer and a lot more private than other hostels. The location of the La Lora Hostel also has a bit to d with its price. Its location allows you to be away from it all, without actually being too far away.

As I said before, the La Lora Hostel is also a great choice for families who are on a budget. More times than not, even though a hostel may provide private rooms, the atmosphere isn’t very child friendly. This isn’t the case with the La Lora Hostel. Because the place only has a limited number of beds, you don’t have to worry about large groups of backpackers and tourists. The private rooms at the La Lora Hostel are also likely to be a lot nicer than private rooms at many of the other hostels in the area.

The owners of the La Lora Hostel and their staff are always around to help offer up advice on the area, directions, and help with tours. no matter what you need, the La Lora Hostel can help!

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