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La Selvatica Rental Houses

La Selvatica – Ideal houses for long term rentals.

If you are looking to head down to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for a few months and are looking for a great long term rental house, I suggest La Selvatica. This mini commune of houses is idea for long term renters wishing to stay in the area.

The La Selvatica houses are located about a 15 minute cab ride from the town of Puerto Viejo. If you have spent any time looking for houses in the Puerto Viejo area, you know that your options are limited. Very few places will rent for long term and those that do charge a premium for it. However, since La Selvatica caters to long term rentals, you will have no problem finding a room or house months at a time.

La Selvatica offers a number of houses and apartment style suits. Prices start at around US$600 a month for a suite and go up to US$800+ for the largest option.

All of the houses include weekly laundry service with clean sheets and towels delivered to your room each week. The houses and suites also have full kitchens which include an oven, stove, toasters, coffee makers, and all your basic cooking ware. Finding a fully equipped kitchen in a rental house here is no easy task, so this huge plus.

The grounds a small, secluded, and very private. The property is off of a side street from the main road which helps keep it safe and free from wondering traffic. Since the property is so small, it is hard for a stranger to walk about unnoticed. There is a small pool and self service washer and dryer (Costs US$3 a load)

If you will be bringing your dog with you, you will be happy to know that the property is very dog friendly. Depending on what house you rent, you may even have your own yard for the dogs to run around in.

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