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Las Camas Budget Hostel

30789-1Hostels all seem to offer a variety of different accommodations, some come complete with a restaurant, where as some offer you the hospitality of their kitchen to cook your own meals. Some supply towels for the bathroom and yet some do not. Let’s see if their isn’t a hostel that will fit all your needs.

One such hostel that comes in with glowing recommendations is the Las Camas Budget Hostel in Costa Rica. The Las Camas Budget Hostel is located in the lively beach town of Jaco, which is about two hours away from San Jose. What you are sure to find at this hostel is that the accommodations are always very clean, comfy and easy on the pocket book.

The beach activities, surfing and the astounding nightlife are a natural draw to this little town and insure that the Las Camas Budget Hostel in Costa Rica does quite well by the tourism that is attracted there. The hostel was originally started by two European backpackers and boy what a dynamite idea it turned out to be.

Accommodations and Amenities

You have many different options of accommodations to choose from such as private rooms, dorm rooms or can you believe it, you can even sleep on the roof in a tent. Now that is what I call accommodating! The hostel has a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator and they provide clean hot showers.

If your not busy spending the day at the beach surfing and sunbathing, many people just hang out at the Las Camas Budget Hostel in Costa Rica and chill. It is a pleasant stay with air conditioned rooms and the roof top terrace provides a relaxing place with hammocks and chairs to listen to the music and check out the views. If your new to the area and would like to know what there is to see and do, the owners are more than willing to set you up with all types of tours of the area.

You don’t always have to hang out in your room either, because there is a common area where there is a TV and if you want to enjoy other peoples company you can visit the lounge. If you need to work on your laptop, you’re in luck because they also have wireless Internet.

The place is also equipped with a laundry machine so you can get caught up on you’re washing while your there. And to get around town the hostel provides a bike rental service. You set up your bike rental and off you go to see all the sights of Jaco.

So, how does the Las Camas Budget Hostel in Costa Rica stack up? Overall this hostel seems to do very good. The average reviews on the Internet rate it at 89.7%. The owners work hard to make sure that everybody that stays there has a good time and an enjoyable stay. Some of the positive reviews included a high rating of 92% for the atmosphere. Apparently the location was just perfect, coming in at a 97%, additionally the staff also came in at 97%. You cannot forget the fun rating coming in at a high 94%.

getting To and From

It is easy enough to get to the Las Camas Budget Hostel in Costa Rica. The most economic method is to take a bus from the Coca-Cola bus terminal in downtown San Jose. How about this a bus ticket headed for Jaco costs you only $3.00. The trip takes two to three hours. And once your dropped off, you just head over to the KFC and the Las Camas Budget Hostel is right there. With all this information, you surfers and backpackers should have a great time.