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March in Costa Rica

March in Costa Rica is still part of the dray season. This means there is a lot less rainfall in many parts of the country. However, the downside to this is that it can be exceptionally hot and humid in some areas. Some will also say that March also marks the end of the busy season. In my opinion, this is only partly true. You still have large groups of tourists anywhere you go, there is just a little less of them in the more remote places.

March Events in Costa Rica

There isn’t too much going on in Costa Rica during the month of march as far as festival and activities go.

St. Joseph’s Day
March 19 – This is a religious holiday that honors the patron saint of San Jose. You may see a small parade or gathering near churches in San Jose.

March Weather in Costa Rica

San Jose
Highs of 77ºF Lows of 60ºF Average Rainfall: 0.5 inches Humidity: 78%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 89ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 2.4 inches Humidity: 80%

Highs of 87ºF Lows of 69ºF Average Rainfall: 9.2 inches Humidity: 85%

Getting to Costa Rica

As I mentioned earlier, so travel professional will say that March marks the end of the busy season. I tend not to agree with this as far as crowds go, but you do start to see price drops around March. If you are planning your trip in advance, look into ticket prices from mid March and beyond. This is when you can expect to start seeing some more affordable flights to Costa Rica.

Where to Stay

As with the drop in airfare prices, you may also start seeing hotels in Costa Rica start going back to their off season rates. Likewise, it may be a bit easier to find rooms in hotels and hostels without a reservation. It is still a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation if you can though.