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Marlin Del Rey Sailing Tours

marlin-del-reyWant to really get to see Costa Rica? If you go to Jaco and spend a bunch of time with a lot of other tourists who spend their time enjoying the city’s club scene, you may leave and realize that you never truly caught a glimpse of the untamed wilderness of Costa Rica’s “pura vida.” There are many ways that you can really get to see the unspoilt beauty of Costa Rica, but one of the best is to take a Marlin Del Rey Sailing Sunset Tour in Tamarindo.

What to Expect

Marlin Del Rey Sailing Tours have an impeccable reputation for excellence. You have been on those cheap dolphin tours where the boat is old and you never see anything too exciting. Marlin Del Rey Tours blow these chintzy tours out of the water. On the five hour long tour, you will pass miles and miles of beach with literally no signs of civilization! Talk about really getting away from it all!

Marlin Del Rey Sailing Sunset Tours leave every day at 1:30PM from Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica. The boat that you go in is incredible! It is 66 feet long, and can travel farther and faster than any other boat in all of Central America. This sailing catamaran can reaching speeds of up to 25 knots, and is so large that even with 25 other passengers, you still feel like you have the place to yourself.

The tour takes you past mile after mile of gorgeous beaches and tropical rain forests. It is common for passengers see troops of monkeys from the boat. Then, at one point, the catamaran stops at a serene bay, in which you can get out and swim around. The black sand beach you stop at is incredible, and there is a palatial private house just up the beach which is the only house you will see the whole trip. At this bay, you can decide to kayak through sea caves, snorkel in the bay, or play on the beach. This beach also features a reef, so the snorkeling is actually really good.

While you play, the Marlin Del Rey staff gets a feast of feast of fresh fruit, chips, dip, ceviche and salads ready. The thing that you should know about the Marlin Del Rey Sailing Tours is that they have an unmatched reputation for incredible customer service. If you search through reviews, you find nothing but accounts of people who rave about how far the Marlin Del Rey staff will go out of their way to make your trip great. In addition to lunch, you can also get as many homemade smoothies and drinks as you want at any point in the trip for no additional charge. The kayaks and snorkel equipment also does not cost extra.

While you sail, it is common to be able to see dolphin, flying fish, rays, and sea turtles. If you come in the fall, there is also a good chance that you will get to see whales. Finally, at the end of the trip, you get to watch the sun go down over the Pacific. The tours are all around a wonderful experience!

Tips for Visiting

If you are planning on booking a sunse tour with Marlin Del Rey Sailing, you should know in advance that the trip costs $75.00 each person. This price is probably considerably higher than you would think it would be, and may even put you off from going. But you have to consider what you are getting. Endless drinks, delicious food, free equipment, a trip to a deserted beach and reef, over five hours of sailing, and the most helpful staff that you could imagine.

Marlin Del Rey Sailing Sunset Tours are a great way to really relax, soak up the sun, and really experience the untouched beauty of Costa Rica!