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Moving Dogs to Costa Rica

dogs.jpgJust because you are moving to Costa Rica doesn’t mean you have leave your four legged family members behind. Believe it or not, moving your dog to Costa Rica is surprisingly easy if you know how to get it done right. Here are a few tips to make sure you get your dog to Costa Rica safely.

Quarantine Information

For dogs and cats, there is currently no quarantine period. Assuming you have the right paperwork, your dog and cat can be passed through customs just like your suitcase. All you need is a certificate from your vet that complies with the US Deptartment of Agriculture. Most vets will know the needed paperwork. If they don’t, I suggest finding a vet that does. This certificate is key to getting your dog or cat into the country.


The most crucial part in transporting dogs and cats to Costa Rica is making sure all of their shots are current. Excluding rabies, all shots must be current within 30 days of transporting the animals. Costa Rica does not honor 3 year rabies vaccinations. This rule is very strict. Even if the animals shots are one day over, you will not be allowed to bring them into the country.

Your vet should know the required shots for transporting pets internationally. Again, if the vet isn’t sure, find another one who is.

Blackout Dates

Many airlines have set days when they won’t transport pets, period. These days are called, “black out periods.” Even if you have all your paperwork in order, they still will not transport them. Call the airline to find out what these dates are. Once you get an answer, call again. Many airline employees don’t know these dates and they are not the same as holiday blackout dates. It is worth the trouble to call 3 or 4 times to get the correct answer.